Housing Services
If you have any questions regarding your living situation in your Residence Hall, Room Changes, or work orders involving your computer & phone, your meal plan, laundry, and room repairs, please visit the Housing Services website.

Residential Education
DePaul’s Residential Education’s mission on campus is to connect students with learning opportunities in an academic residential community. If you need to contact your Residence Director, or have any questions regarding your residence life at DePaul, please visit the Residential Education website.

Loft & Fridge
If you have any problems regarding your loft and/or fridge, please contact our outside vendor BedLoft directly. 

To find out more about the Residence Hall Council please view our Constitution.

Program Proposals & Co-Programming
For all program proposals, please fill out a Program Proposal. If you are an outside organization planning on co-programming with us, please email us.

Note: Please review the Constitution for deadlines and criteria related to program proposals. Please also include an itemized funds list to give to the Director of Internal Affairs

Sheets

All RHC events must have a sign-in sheet, so we can accurately keep track of attendance. Blank sign-in sheets are available to download here: RHC_Program_Sign_in_Sheet

Community Calendar of Events
Any DePaul organization may submit events to be posted on the RHC calendar. Please contact us if interested.

Of The Month (OTM) Nomination Form
Click here: OTM_Template to download a blank template for the Of The Month nomination.

Here at DePaul University we don’t want to think of your living space as a dorm – it’s a Residence Hall, a place on campus where you can go to feel the comforts of home. To help you achieve that home-away-from-home feeling, the RHC has teamed up with Residence Hall Linens to provide an easy, affordable way to order all of your campus living needs. And since some of the mattresses on campus are extra-long, we’ve also taken the hassle out of locating extra-long linens. From extra long sheets and comforters, to towels and shower caddies, to allergen guard pillowcases and extra-long mattress pads, we’ve got you covered. Plus, proceeds from this program go to the RHC and are used for programming in the residence halls. There’s free shipping on all Value Pak orders, and over 23 color combinations to choose from. Plus, linens are delivered to your home during the summer so you don’t have to venture out to the retail stores. Order now for the best selection – popular colors can sell out quickly! Please visit the RHL website http://www.rhl.org/dpl

Loft & Micro-Fridge Rentals
Lofts may only be leased through the RHC vendor. All other loft systems are prohibited. Both lofts and micro-fridges may only be used in the traditional residence halls which excludes UAC. Residents may only rent lofts and micro-fridges before the academic year begins and they will be delivered to your room prior to the main move-in date.

    Return Policy - Residents will be notified during Spring Quarter of the pick up dates for the lofts and micro-fridges. The renter is responsible for preparing the their own loft/fridge for pick-up; failure to do so may result in replacement charges.

    Room Changes - The renter is responsible for taking the loft and/or fridge with them to their new space. If the resident no longer needs the loft and/or fridge, he/she should contact BedLoft directly to arrange a return. 

Please contact BedLoft directly for more information about the micro-fridges or lofts.