What is RHC?

DePaul University's Residence Hall Council is a student organization housed under Housing Services and Residential Education. We provide leadership opportunities for students living on campus who want to help foster community in their halls. We advocate for residents' needs, plan events both for individual halls and the entire campus, and provide training for our members to grow as leaders.

What positions are available?

Hall Senators

Each residence hall on campus is represented in RHC by Senators, or residents from that hall who want to be the voice for their peers. They are the eyes and ears of RHC. By getting to know the people in their individual halls, Senators can open lines of communication between residents and DePaul's Housing Services and Residential Education about what students living on campus need. Additionally, Senators are responsible for planning two (2) events in their halls each quarter, working with a budget provided by RHC. This is a great opportunity to learn about the university from an insider's perspective and have a voice in what changes are made on campus.

Executive Board

The following positions are available for the 2016-2017 school year: 

  • National/Illinois Communication Coordinator - Serves as liaison between DePaul’s RHC and other colleges, works with Internal Relations Chairs to develop recognition programs, and leads delegation to conferences on a state, regional, and national level

Executive Board members work to support the Senators and plan events and initiatives for the entire campus, such as Little Sibs Weekend. Executive Board members work closely with professional staff members at DePaul, which provides a perfect opportunity to develop professional relationships.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in a Senator position, please email taylornicoledenning@gmail.com to request an interview time. Senate members will be appointed by the Vice President following an interview. Time slots for these interviews will be confirmed afters a student's email is received.