About Us

DePaul University's Residence Hall Council works as a liaison between organizations, university departments, and residential students at DePaul. We strive to enhance the quality of life in the residence halls by creating a safe and comfortable community. We serve as a voice for residential student concerns and praises. We are dedicated to upholding DePaul’s Vincentian mission, and by supporting these values; We Make DePaul Home.

Programming occurs in both the residence halls and campus wide in order to enhance the college experience and create a friendly networking environment for all of the residents. Some traditional programs include the Welcome Week Bingo, Navy Pier Fireworks Trip, Little Sibs Weekend, and our annual D-Factor Campus-Wide talent show. 

In addition to programming in the residence halls, Residence Hall Council (RHC) also offers services to residents from outside vendors. The Residence Hall Council works with these companies to provide: lofts, micro-fridges, and linens.

DePaul's RHC is part of a larger national organization called the National Association of College and University Residence Halls. DePaul is also a member of the Great Lakes Affiliates of College and University Residence Halls and the Illinois Residence Hall Association

Want to Get Involved?
Getting involved with the Residence Hall Council is a great way to gain leadership skills and meet people here at DePaul. We love welcoming new people into the organization and value input from all students. RHC provides valuable experience and networking that will help if you eventually plan on becoming an RA, FA, or other leadership position on campus.

The best time to get involved with Residence Hall Council is during the beginning of the year. We hold elections annually for positions in each hall in the beginning of the year, but even during the year you can get involved by talking to your Hall Representatives.

To learn more about the Residence Hall Council please talk to your Hall Senators officers or ContactUs