Amusement Committee plans and executes innovative events that excite and surprise students.
These include novelty activities, out-of-the-box events, and heavily interactive student experiences like the Optical Illusion Showcase, Amusement Inflatable Fair, and DAB Escape Rooms. In addition to high-scale off-campus events, such as trips to Six Flags Great America or a Haunted Hayride

Arts and Media Committee plans and executes events related to the arts: comedy, music, film, TV, speakers, food, fashion, etc. Past events include A Harry Potter Halloween, Open Mic Night, and DePaul Fashion Week. This committee also serves as a platform to showcase emerging artists on campus.

DePaul After Dark Committee plans and executes the late night programming series DePaul After Dark. , which are weekly Thursday night events, some in partnership with other on-campus organizations. Past events include Pumpkin Spice Night, Treat yo’self, Throwback Night, and Mystic Mystery. The goal of this committee is to provide a safe, fun, and engaging late-night experience for DePaul students, especially first-year, on-campus students.

FEST Committee plans and executes FEST, After Hours, and promotional events leading up to the end-of-the-year concert. FEST is an annual music festival held on the DePaul Quad exclusively for DePaul students.Past performers include: FERG, Logic, Jesse McCartney, T-Pain, and The Neighborhood.

Signature Events Committee works with the DePaul community to plan and enhance signature events by creating large-scale events that can become traditions for DAB and the DePaul community. Past events include Sundaes on a Monday, Coffeehouse Series, Golden Egg Hunt, and Demon Jam. This committee also collaborates with offices and other organizations on campus-wide events like Welcome Week, Blue Demon Week.

Social Change Committee plans and executes events centered around diversity and inclusion, health and wellness, and current social topics/issues. This committee focuses on the inclusion of the entire DePaul community within DAB’s programing by encouraging proper health and wellness practices amongst college students and informing students of important social topics and civic engagement opportunities. Past events include Black History Month Student Showcase, Party to the Polls, and Food for Thought: Organizing for Food Justice.